/ Popsicle-Shaped Cake Bars

The Giovane Café in Vancouver, Canada is now introducing the public to its newest treat: a cake-on-a-stick creation that looks exactly like a classic frozen popsicle dessert.

The Giovane Cake Bars come in four flavors: Raspberry Krunch, Banana MC, Coconut Pineapple and Chocolate 99. Just like a decadent dessert popsicle, these cake bars boast crunchy coatings that must be bitten into to reveal the a chewy, layered cake interior. Rather than needing a fork and a knife to eat these desserts, consumers can easily grab one of these handheld cake bars for on-the-go enjoyment.

The novel form of these desserts introduce something that’s slightly more indulgent than a cake pop, but less than a full slice of cake. Since these cake bars are formed in a way that reminds of a popsicle, they will be top-of-mind to consumers as light and refreshing summer treats.

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