/ Because, sometimes, you just want to eat cake on the go

Eating a slice of cake takes a certain level of commitment. It’s not really a grab and eat on the go type of treat; you need a fork, a plate and a napkin (if you’re civil).

But Giovane Café, tucked away inside Vancouver’s uber luxe Fairmont Pacific Rim, is looking to free up some plates while allowing us to enjoy a slice. The café’s recently started serving up decadent cake bars that you eat off a stick, and we have to admit, it totally looks like something that we’d be willing to line up to try.

Oh, and one more thing: each cake slice is shaped to look like a popsicle.

We’d take these over cake pops any day.

The treats also come in four different flavours: coconut pineapple, raspberry krunch, banana and chocolate. If you ask us, the only flavour they’re missing is cheesecake.

When you first see the cake bar on a plate, your instinct is probably to pick it up and lick it. And technically you could; the outside of the bar is coated in a hard chocolate shell, but to get to the good stuff, you’ll need to take a bite.

So in case you get hit by a cake craving — and don’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy it (or if you’re like us and hate eating anywhere alone) — you can ditch the fork and eat your cake whenever and wherever you please. You might still want to get a napkin, though… that’s a really nice shirt.

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